– Testimonial from a Fortune 100 Company

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I just wanted to give a shout out to your Customer Service Engineers and the way they have continually followed up with the team to ensure the repair went as intended.  I so appreciate the follow through and the willingness to help the team.  Customer service can be hard to come by these days, but your Customer Service Engineers do it very, very well.

– Testimonial from one of the largest telecom companies

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Awesome!   Thanks so much TeamKCI for getting this done so quickly!   Fantastic service from you guys yet again!

– Testimonial about TeamKCI by a Major Financial Institution

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Thank you for the support and great service…
I wanted to extend a thank you for the support and great service TeamKCI’s customer service engineer provided us yesterday. It was a real pleasure to work with him!

– Testimonial about TeamKCI by a Major Banking Institution

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Easy as One Phone Call…
Getting the TeamKCI CE dispatched was as easy as one phone call.  The trouble shooting process was a long and frustrating one. (In the end, it turned out to be a printer problem.)  Throughout the process the TeamKCI CE was patient, cooperative, helpful and knowledgeable. 


– Testimonial about TeamKCI by a Major Telecommunication Company

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Depth of Knowledge
I was impressed, not only with the depth of knowledge held by your associates, but the willingness to help me out of my predicament.  Several of your employees spent countless hours on the phone with me.  The TeamKCI technician on-site went without sleep for over 24 hours.  And management was very involved, checking on us at least every hour. 

TeamKCI Receives the 2011 Verizon Supplier Recognition Award

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TeamKCI was presented with the 2011 Supplier Recognition Award for Outstanding Performance in the IT Services Category by Verizon.

– Testimonial about TeamKCI by a Major Disaster Recovery Provider

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Responsive, Accurate & Professional
I always enjoy working with your team, they are very responsive to our requirements.  The responses are accurate, professional, and competitive,… which makes our jobs easier.  In the past, we’ve had some unexpected changes come up during our busy fourth quarter … and your team has always been professional and acted graciously to our requests.


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