Foundry FastIron FI400

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Foundry FastIron FI400

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Foundry FastIron FI400

TeamKCI has leveraged its skill and knowledge of Brocade products to develop a top-level maintenance program for legacy Foundry Networks equipment.

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Let TeamKCI help you design the most cost-effective Foundry Solution.

The FastIron FI400 system provides Enterprise customers with a complete end-to-end LAN solution – from the wiring closet to the LAN backbone – based on a single product family. This JetCore(TM) enabled FastIron system simplifies sparing, network operations and administration for dramatic savings in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Based on Foundry’s third-generation JetCore ASIC chipset, the FastIron 400 systems deliver port density, Layer 2/3 feature sets, rich Quality of Service (QoS), bandwidth management for Voice over IP (VoIP) and 10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces to scale the network backbone with massive bandwidth capacity.

Used & Refurbished Foundry Options
TeamKCI sells refurbished Foundry equipment.  Used Foundry systems are available at big savings offering our customers alternative financial options to maximize their IT dollars.

Warranty & Support
TeamKCI offers a 12 month warranty and 9-5 technical support on all refurbished Foundry switches and all other pre-owned refurbished Foundry equipment we sell.  Extended warranties and 24x7x4 onsite support are also available for an additional charge.  Learn more.

How to Get Started?
For more information on a Foundry FI400 or any other Foundry product simply complete the TeamKCI Quick Quote form on this page or call TeamKCI at 201-934-6500 Ext. 11 for immediate assistance.


Technical Specifications

 Slots:  4
 Switching Capacity:  128 Gbps
 Max 10/100 ports:  144 Mpps
 Max Gigabit ports:  56
 Max 10 Gigabit ports:  6
 Power Supply Redundancy:  1+1

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Foundry FastIron FI400 End-of-Life Notification

Prior to Brocade acquiring Foundry Networks in 2008, the Foundry FastIron FI400 was designated End-of-Life.

Therefore, manufacturer’s maintenance is not available but…


We are EOL/EOS & Legacy Equipment & Maintenance Specialists and will maintain the Foundry FI400 for as long as you continue to use it.

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TeamKCI maintenance services offer:

  • Spare parts stored on premises to facilitate rapid repairs and ensure that most problems can be handled with a single maintenance call.
  • A 24 x 7 response capability that allows our customers to speak with a product specialist within thirty minutes of placing a call any time of day or night.
  • On site response time of four hours or less.
  • Our pledge to only use tested OEM parts.
  • Prices that are at a minimum 50% less than the OEM’s list price.
  • Our promise to maintain your legacy equipment for as long as you choose to use it. TeamKCI has no End-of-Life or End-of-Support dates. We have never dropped service on any product we accepted for maintenance until our very last customer had stopped using it.
  • A lifetime rate guarantee never to escalate your initial rate.
  • Operational software support for all software and firmware you are using at its current EC level.


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